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[Best Free Udemy Courses] INSTANT PRODUCTIVITY: How to run your day, to win your day!

Personal development

INSTANT PRODUCTIVITY: How to run your day, to win your day!

A powerful framework to help you get into execution mode, increase your focus and get stuff done.
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What Will I Learn?
  • Go through your day with ease and a sense of control, ownership and accomplishment.
  • Design a realistic, manageable and meaningful to-do list that you can and will look forward to.
  • Beat procrastination and tap into instant productivity.
  • Kickstart the day and set yourself up for success
  • Increase your focus and stay on track despite all sorts of distractions pulling on you
  • Manage your energy throughout the day
  • Leave work with a clear head to be present at home
  • Learn to forgive yourself for not having done everything, because you did those things that mattered
  • Willingness to improve how you manage your time, focus and attention.
  • Wanting to get YOUR stuff done!
  • Open to test out new things
A productive day does not happen by accident. It happens by design.
If you find yourself procrastinating and doing things you “like” instead of those you know you should be doing, this class is for you. If you struggle with distraction and keep having multiple things on your to-do list, but at the end of the day just shift most of them to the next day, and then the next day...and the next, this class will help you change that.
After this class, you will be able to develop a working style that will help you do what you said you would do and feel a sense of accomplishment and progress that you never felt before.
Join today and become the most productive person you know. Anyone can be productive, it all boils down to how you run the day.
What people are saying...
"I've been trying out your methods, and I became master of my time this week. Man, it feels like I lived multiple weeks during these 4 days! When I compare what I used to do in a day and what I do now, I feel like I'm doing multiple days worth of stuff. I will probably have to go back to this course few more times before putting everything in place. Thanks for the effort you are putting in to help us improve our day!" - Roman
"Very useful tips to help take control of each day, with a focus on energy management. I will definitely be adopting the new approach to the "must do" list, and moving the important tasks forward in the time that I have . Thanks, Tasso!" - Tuni
"I can only recommend this class. It doesn't take a lot of time to go through, it is rather brief but has all the important information. There were some completely new tips as well as tips I was already familiar with, but hearing them again makes it really stick. I made notes with interest and I am looking forward to try to implement this into my workdays. Many thanks." - Jana
"Fantastic class. Very easy to digest. I have been doing alot of research and I have to say the information in this course is fresh and really helpful." - Arjan
"Excellent course! Practical steps which are easily put into practice. Recommended watching for everyone." - Gareth
"Excellent advises, well structured, to the point, and offering several very useful eye opening perspectives. Excellent to win one's days!" - Thomas
"Excellent class. Tasso is a clear, thoughtful and insightful teacher. Whether you're a career professional, self-employed, or masters student (such is my case), this class has something for everyone. What resonated with me is the concept of turning down the volume on the tasks that do not require our full mental attention, and allocating the right energy towards a broken down must-do list . The class helped me define so many things i never knew were hindrances in my productivity. Hopefully I can get into a good morning and evening routine in order to be more balanced in mind, body and spirit....time will tell. Thank you, Tasso!" - Carla
"Was quite informative, what i really appreciated was that the classes felt very directed and the teacher really did feel as though he was speaking to me personally. Many of the tips felt like stuff that he had been doing for a long time and thus really connected with people." - Robert
"Very helpful for all working professionals. Has broad applicability. Nice class!" - Julie
"Interesting approach on productivity" - Adolfo
Who is the target audience?
  • Those who are not happy with what they get done in a day.
  • Those who fall victim to procrastination.
  • Whoever feels overwhelmed simply by looking at their to-do list
  • When you find yourself doing things you like, rather than those you should be doing
  • Whoever wants to develop a working style that will help them do what they said they would do.

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