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[Get Udemy Courses For Free] Productivity POWER Course - Become More Productive Fast

Personal development

Productivity POWER Course - Become More Productive Fast

Easy-to-understand Productivity Hacks, Project-based Learning & Professional Productivity & Body Hacking Advice

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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the concept of POWER productivity and know through step by step guides how to become extremely productive
  • Understand how physical exercise can influence your morning schedule and will learn how to use exercise to relief stress massively
  • Learn how writing personal journals can help you to increase interest in the task you have to do and how to simply get more done in the morning
  • Learn how to do proper dieting & be aware of dozens of other smart food hacks
  • Understand which measures to take in order to become more happy and relaxed throughout the day
  • Learn how to develop morning energy (a concept explained in this course)
  • Create clear thought-out plans for each day of the week and properly stated goals and execution plans
  • Understand productivity cycles & how they influence the human psych and body
  • Know how to use productivity modules (presented in this course) in order to refocus and be productive throughout the day
  • Understand the effects of yoga on the human body and know when and where to practice yoga
  • Unterstand the scientific research behind hydration & will learn hacks so that you will never ever again be dehydrated
  • Become a morning person and kickstart the day right after you opened your eyes
  • Streamline your wardrobe and be able to choose clothes in the morning much more quickly
  • Measure your own productivity and assess problems associated with it quickly
  • You should the strong desire to become more productive fast!
  • You should be motivated & have a certain amount of discipline.
  • You should be willing to watch the course all the way through.
In this course, I will show you how to become extremely productive fast. For years now, I have been doing research at the Free University of Berlin in the field of stress management and productivity hacking because I was tired of general productivity hacking advice; I wanted to find out which hacks for me and which don't. In this course, we base all productivity hacks on your personality so that as you watch the course, you can assess whether these hacks are suitable for you or not. 
In this course, I will show you how you can become ultra productive without increasing your stress level or living in any other way unhealthy. This course is the ultimate POWER productivity class on Udemy. In this course we will focus on the following topics
  • How can I create an environment in which I like to work? 
  • What are natural productivity cycles and how can I influence them? 
  • How can I set goals that I will never not achieve? 
  • When should I be taking breaks? Are breaks allowed? (Yes, they are ;) ) 
  • What does my decision-making say about my productivity level? 
We will furthermore cover the following topics: 
  • News Tools
  • Yoga Hacks
  • Hacking Lost Hours
  • Exercising Hacks 
  • Stress Management Hacks 
  • Public Commitments 
  • Social Media Hacks
  • Bio-Hacking
  • Dieting Advice
  • Alert Hacks 
  • Streamlining the Wardrobe 
We will base your morning routine on your physical and psychological state and help you with proven scientific research to develop and use morning routine modules. 
  • What makes a great morning routine and how do I develop one? 
  • How can I impose habits on myself that really work? 
  • How can exercising influence my morning productivity and happiness and how will I not be tired after the exercise so that I cannot be productive during the day? 
  • How does sleep pattern hacking work and how can I help myself sleep better?
This course comes with free 24/7 mentoring and life-long access. Taking this course is completely risk free. My promise: If you do not like the course, you will get your money back!
ENROLL NOW! I can't wait to finally get to meet you! 

(c) Leon Chaudhari Academy, Berlin, Germany, Promotional videos created by Teaching Hero, Owner Leon Chaudhari, Promotional photos: freestock. com
Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to become more productive FAST!
  • Everyone who has problems with imposing a morning routine on themselves.
  • Everyone who has the feeling he/she has potential but simply cannot use it because he/she is too unmotivated
  • Everyone who feels down and needs a kickstart

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