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[Udemy Coupon Sites] 3D Printing For Beginners


3D Printing For Beginners

Everything you need to know before you get a 3d printer OR when you first get one.

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What Will I Learn?
  • Design their own 3D models in TinkerCAD
  • Master proper "slicing" software settings for best print results
  • Effectively level their print bed
  • Set up their printer for proper first layer adhesion
  • Use "slicing" software for 3D printing at a basic level
  • Find free ready-made files to download and print themselves
  • Get recommendations on which printer and "slicing" software to start with
  • You should be able to use a PC on a beginner level
Welcome to the world of 3D printing. In this 3D printing course we’ll be going over the basics of the 3D printing world. This course is designed for beginners to gain an understanding of how a 3D printer works, and the process of going from a blank 3D design canvas, to a full physical print out.
Buying your first 3D printer is a big investment and it’s a good idea to really learn what you’re getting in to. It would be smart to first find out how the entire process works before you make a purchase. Like how it goes from a digital file to a full physical object. There are a lot of factors to consider before buying your printer, so it would also be a smart idea to get recommendations on which printer to buy, as well as the software that goes with it. This course gives recommendations on both.
If you’ve already purchased your 3D printer, that’s great! This course is also for you! 3D Printing for Beginners teaches you the basics that you need to know before you start your prints. As you might know by now, it’s more than just downloading a file and selecting “print.” This course will talk about the basic settings that make up the majority of the printing process. 3D Printing for Beginners will take you on a journey through the entire 3D printing process—from designing your own 3D model in a 3D design software, to then preparing it to print it in the “slicing” software, and finally printing the object. This course will show you step by step from start to finish how the entire 3D printing process works. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually incredibly simple and easy to do. 
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who's interested in 3D printing
  • Anyone who's purchased their first 3D printer
  • Anyone who wants to buy a 3D printer

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