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[Udemy Coupon Sites] #8 Chord Progression:Music Theory 10 Levels Old Rugged Cross


#8 Chord Progression:Music Theory 10 Levels Old Rugged Cross

Learn to Reharmonize a simple song from basic chords to a mature music arrangement with advanced chords. 10 Level Chords

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What Will I Learn?
  • SUBSTITUTE chords to create beautiful sounds
  • PLAY different beautiful chord progressions
  • LEARN beautiful chord progressions
  • EXPLORE advanced chords to arrange a song
  • PLAY a mature music arrangement to a simple song
  • CREATE jazzy sounds with tritone chords
  • PUT in secondary dominant chords for more reharmonizing
  • SPOT dominant chords to reharmonize higher level chords
  • SUSPEND chords with 4th tone
  • LISTEN to chord sounds
  • CREATE nostalgic mood with 9th tones
  • APPLY b9 to create cocktail chord sounds
  • USE Harmony rules from Level 1 to Level 10
  • STEP by STEP to arrange a simple song
  • APPLY music chords to melody tones
  • LEARN music chord theory at all levels
  • HARMONIZE a song from basic chords to advanced chords
  • Appreciate beautiful music
Learn DIFFERENT Chord Progressions to arrange this song:  Old Rugged Cross
You learn how to turn a song from its basic level to putting in advanced chords for interesting harmony. 
Here's the Secret:  Learn Rosa's 10 Level Studies of Chords
  • Start from basic chords
  • Move from one level to the next
  • Learn advanced music chords
  • Do a variety of chord substitutions
  • Learn 10 Reharmonization Rules
  • Have 10 eBooks for the 10 Levels to deepen your study with full explanation
Once you learn the full details of these 10 different levels of rearranging a song, you will be able to apply the same principles to hundreds and thousands of songs
This is a thorough step by step approach to show you how you can use the following chords to harmonize a song in the Key of C:
  • C,  C6 , CM7,  C6/9,  F6,  FM7,  F6/9,  FM9,  G7,  G9
  • Am7,  Dm7,  Em7
  • C7,  A7,  D7
  • C7b9, D7b9, G7b9, A7b9
  • C#dim7,  D#dim7,  Ebdim7,  F#dim7
  • C+,  G+,  A+,  D+
  • G7sus,  C7sus,  A7sus,  D7sus
  • Db7,  Eb7,  Gb7,  Ab7,  Bb7

You will learn the following Chord Progressions of Old Rugged Cross
  • F  Dm7  G7  C
  • C  Dm7  G7  C
  • C  Em7  F  Dm7  G7 C
  • C  Am  F  Em  Am C
  • Em  F  Fm  C
  • F  Am7  Dm7  G7  C
  • F  Em7  Am7  Dm7  G7 C
  • F  Am7  D7  G7
  • F  A7  D7  G7
  • C  Am7  D11  G7
  • C  C7  F  A7  D7 G7
  • D7  G7b9  C
  • C  C7b9  F  A7
  • F A7 D7b9 G7b9 C
  • F F#dim7 G7
  • C Cdim7 C
  • F Fdim7 F
  • F A7 D7 G+
  • C C+ F
  • D7 F/G G7
  • D7 G7 G7sus G7 C
  • C7sus C7 F
  • D7sus D7 G7
  • F Dm7 Db7 C
  • Dm7 G7/D Db7 C
Here are the 10 Levels Music Theory Study to this song:
Level 1 Basic Harmony: I IV V7 
  • Adding in cadences: IV to I; 
  • V to I 
  • Key of C: C, F, G7
Level 2 Chord Extensions & Quartals 
  • Add color tones: 6ths, 7ths, 9ths 
  • I6,  IM7,  I6/9,  IV6,  IVM7,  IV6/9,  V9 
  • Key of C: C6,  CM7,  C6/9,  F6,  FM7,  F6/9,  FM9, G9
Level 3 Minor chord substitutions & additions 
  • ii, iii, vi
  • Key of C: Dm, Em, Am
Level 4 Circle of 5ths for minor chord substitutions 
  • ii7, iii7, vi7 
  • Key of C: Dm7, Em7, Am7
Level 5 Secondary Dominants 
  • I7, II7, VI7 
  • Key of C: C7, D7, A7
Level 6 Altered dominant chord substitution
  • 7b9 I7b9,  II7b9,  V7b9,  VI7b9 
  • Key of C: C7b9,  D7b9,  G7b9,  A7b9
Level 7 Diminished 7 Chords (b3 + b5) Substitutions and Insertions 
  • I#°7,   ii#°7,   bIII°7,   IV#°7 
  • Key of C: C#dim7 to Dm;    
  • D#dim7 to Em;
  • Ebdim7 to Dm;    
  • F#dim7 to C/G
Level 8 Altered dominant chord substitution: 
  • +5 Augmented chords
  • Key of C: C+, G+, A+, D+
Level 9 Suspension chords: 
  • 4th tone
  • IV/V,  bVII/I,  V/VI,  I/II 
  • Key of C: G7sus, C7sus, A7sus, D7sus
Level 10 Tritone Substitution Chords 
  • bII7,  bIII7,  bV7,  bVI7,  bVII7 
  • Key of C: Db7, Eb7, Gb7, Ab7, Bb7
Have Fun,
Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to arrange a song with advanced chords

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