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[Udemy Discount Coupon Code] Software Product Leadership - Product Management 101


Software Product Leadership - Product Management 101

Most structured and to the point overview of Product Management

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What Will I Learn?
  • Role of a Software Product Manager
  • Writing Functional Specs (Spec templates included)
  • Using User Stories to make informed decisions
  • Intro to UX research methodologies
  • Pro tips and tricks for PM Interviews
  • Framework for Job Search and Career Moves (Worksheet included)
  • Performing Market Research
  • Socializing your product and feature ideas
  • Career advice
  • User Experience Design for PMs

  • Pitching your product (Pitch templates included)
  • Best practices for shipping products - collaborating with engineers, designers and so on
  • Intro to Common Product Metrics - MAU(Monthly Active Users), DAU(Daily Active Users) and NPS(Net Promoter Score)
  • What blogs do Product Managers read to keep up with technology trends
  • Framework to navigate to more advanced Product Management and Software Leadership topics
  • Intro to A/B testing
  • Gesture, App Performance and invisible elements of User Experience
  • Other Business, Experience, Technology and Leadership skills to make you a more effective PM
  • No prerequisites. Basic software development and business understanding would be helpful.
**Featured as a New and Noteworthy Management Course on Udemy in Jan 2018**
What is a Product Manager's role in the software development lifecycle? How do Product Managers communicate requirements? How do they reduce ambiguity, frame the problem landscape, influence design decisions and drive execution? What are some common Product Metrics, what is A/B testing and why is it important for PMs to be data-driven? What do tech companies look for when they hire PMs? What are some good ways to prepare for PM interviews?
After this course, you will know everything you need to know to separate the fact from fiction about software product management and move forward as a software leader. Beyond the conceptual foundation and specific knowledge provided, the course also includes exercises, links and resources that will help you further your studies, help you with career decisions, and to become a Product Manager yourself.
Syllabus Overview
Section 1: Introduction and Business Concepts
  • Role of a Product Manager.
  • An overview of business skills needed to run your products and features.
  • A deep dive into performing competitive research.
  • How to keep up with prevailing market trends and how to think about what features, apps or products to build next.
Section 2: Leadership and Teamwork
  • How to create a pitch for your ideas.
  • An overview of how to do estimation of time and resources needed when trying to get your idea funded.
  • Understanding the dynamics and the culture of the team that you are in
  • Best practices to avoid isolation and mis-alignment for yourself and others.
  • Tips on socializing your ideas and seeking feedback on them from others in respectful and non-intrusive ways.
Section 3: User Experience (UX) Design
  • Developing user stories and making use of personas to communicate product and feature ideas.
  • Basics of visual design and working with designers to come up with alternatives (explorations) to bring the ideas to reality.
  • Understanding the non-visual elements of design such as gestures, responsiveness, etc.
  • An overview of common methods for performing user research, such as flash feedback, etc.
  • What is A/B testing and how and why to A/B test different ideas.
Section 4: Execution and Evaluation (Data Driven-ness)
  • Writing functional specifications.
  • Unblocking Engineers by taking care of non-technical issues all the way from legal things such as open source licenses to UI strings that could block your team's progress.
  • Understanding your role as the person who may be responsible for communication with partners.
  • Role of Data - Understand common metrics such as Monthly Active Users, Daily Active Users, Net Promotor Score and so on - What are they about? How to use them to make product decisions!
  • Special topic: A day in the life of a PM.
Section 5: Product Management interviews and Career advancement strategies
  • Pro-tips from Ramit for preparing for your Product Management interview.
  • References to books, blogs and materials you need to read to get started for your PM interview.
  • A peek into career strategies that Dean applied to continuously grow his career for 20+ years.
  • A framework for figuring out your career advancement as a PM
Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals who aim to transition to product managers at IT/Software companies.
  • Students looking to start out in PM role post college
  • Anyone looking to understand what the Product Management role is all about

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