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[Udemy Discount Global] Introductory Wine Course


Introductory Wine Course

Learn the basics of wine, wine production, food and wine pairings, and how to organize your own wine tastings

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What Will I Learn?
  • How to choose quality wine
  • Families of wine aromas and professional wine vocabulary
  • How to pair wine with food
  • How to read wine labels
  • Classifications of wine according to their country of origin
  • The core principles of wine production and how they impact quality of wine
  • Difference between types of wines, difference between Champagne and Sparkling wine
  • How to taste wine correctly
  • How to organize your own tastings
  • Difference between wine glasses and what to use for which wine
  • All you need to know about grape varieties
  • And much more ...
  • This course is suitable for everyone, no prior knowledge is required, and it will be especially helpful for beginners.
We created this course for anyone who loves wines and wants to choose, drink, serve and pair wines with food like a professional sommelier.
Have you ever been puzzled by all the information on the wine bottle label and chose the most expensive bottle as a result? The truth is - the most expensive wine doesn't necessarily mean the best. Once you know the basics of wine you will be able to make the best choice for your budget. Our course covers all this information in detail and presented in the way that you can apply it right away! 
Quality of wine depends on many factors, and one can spend entire life-time studying them. There are however a few core principles, that need to be understood about wine production and wine regions in order to distinguish a good wine and a great wine. We presented them to you in a form of short lectures and detailed presentations. It includes a complex wine vocabulary that will help you describe the most complex aromas you meet in your glass.
Our instructor, Svetlana Kasparova, is an experienced sommelier and wine expert who's been teaching about wine in three countries. She based the class curriculum on questions she's been asked the most and what was rated by her students as the most helpful information.
What our students say: 
"Dear Svetlana, I want to thank you for the very interesting course you organised and for the quality of your lectures! A sommelier school was my dream for many years, but I never had time to study. Than I discovered your online course and it was really a perfect solution. Looking forward to the next level!"
Marina SmirnovaSaint-Petersburg, Russia
"It's a perfect course for wine enthusiasts, who have little or no knowledge in this field, but want to understand wine basics. The content was great, easy to understand and remember, very interesting and useful. It helped me to learn a lot about wine and wine tastings. Now the quality of wines I drink increased tremendously, but my budget didn't. I highly recommend it!"
Bradley HaskellToronto, Canada
"Svetlana Kasparova is a wine expert and professional degustator has been a friend to our school for many years. She has held a lot of seminars and tastings for sommeliers within our school plan. Her classes have always been fulfilling, interesting and easily perceptive by our students who always sent me good regards over her workshops. Not mentioning that Svetlana is a good speaker and able to convey the material in a way that a student of any level will hear it. She is very open minded, responsible and has a great taste in wines!"
Olga PiatkinaWine school manager, head of chairs "Wine people", Moscow
"What can be crucially important for a wine sommelier? The knowledge and passion for wine and that subtle skill to be able to transfer it to another person. Svetlana has all this in combination with an ability to create a warm, casual atmosphere, so that you don't feel ill at ease from the fact of being uninitiated in details of wine production, sorts of grapes, regions of grape growing, etc.. For the whole evening you'll find yourself in a cordial company of a person who obviously knows more about wine than you do and tells you so many interesting things. Later you go out and realize that you have become 1 step higher in your own eyes and surprizingly remember almost everything. And what sparkling dialogues happen when Svetlana talks to advanced wine amateurs! In other words if you have a chance, do drop in for any of her wine events!"
Anna AhadovaMoscow, Russia
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who loves wines and wants to choose, drink, serve and pair wines with food like a professional sommelier

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